Set up Email/DNS records (DKIM, SPF, DMARC)


You may have come accross some of your emails that bounce. The (authentication error) is something of this type: Error message This mail has been blocked because the sender is unauthenticated. Gmail requires all senders to authenticate with either SPF or DKIM. Αthentication results: DKIM = did not pass SPF [domain name] with ip: [IP … Read more

The Impact of Email Marketing on Your Overall Inbound Strategy

email marketing

In the dynamic niche of digital marketing, companies endeavor to devise efficacious tactics that effortlessly engage and convert leads. Of all the tools out there, email marketing is one of the most tried-and-true and effective ways to build relationships with new clients. Email marketing, when included in your overall inbound strategy, may significantly increase traffic, … Read more

Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

digital marketing for small businesses

For small businesses, digital marketing can be quite effective since it offers a low-cost approach to reach a larger audience, create leads, and boost sales. Following are some essential digital marketing techniques and pointers for small businesses: 1. Create a Professional Website: The foundation of your internet presence is your website. Make sure it’s user-friendly, … Read more