Get the most out of Your Snapchat posts


Make the Snapchat algorithm work in your favor and get the most out of your posts. How big is Snapchat? Ad spending is rising and does it make sense spending disproportionate among the traffic channels? Target audiences are bombarded with ads all day across all their devices. How can one get noticed among all this … Read more

How to Promote an Event on Social Media (Video)

How to Promote an Event on Social Media

Video guide with actionable steps in all event stages. This post has received very positive commentary from the event planning community. I look into the planning and execution of event marketing campaigns in social media. It is digital marketing that I would like to talk about here and not other forms, i.e., TV, radio, printed, … Read more

How To Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic

A variety of tactics are used to increase blog traffic to draw in more readers. Produce Excellent Content Create informative, entertaining, and well-researched content that benefits your target audience. To capture readers’ attention, use attention-grabbing headlines and captivating openings. Search engine optimization (SEO) optimization Conduct keyword research to find phrases and words that are appropriate … Read more

Guest Posts: Good or Bad?

guest posting

What is Guest Posting? Blogs invite writers or receive requests from content creators to contribute with their original content. Any means of content sourcing via an external source can be considered a guest posting. The invites or requests for content can be 100% legitimate. The web wouldn’t be the one we know today had each blogger … Read more

Website Traffic Checkers

Website Traffic Checkers

There are a number of effective website traffic analyzers or checkers, each with its unique capabilities and cost structures. Your unique needs, financial situation, and level of technical knowledge all play a role in choosing the best tool. Some of the most well-liked and effective website traffic analyzers are listed below: 1. Google Analytics is … Read more

Website Traffic Analysis: How To Do It

website traffic analysis

Understanding how consumers interact with your website and discovering opportunities for development requires website traffic analysis. 1. Set Specific Goals: Specify the goals of your website and the objectives you hope to accomplish. These objectives can include boosting user engagement, generating more leads, or raising sales. 2. Select a web analytics tool to obtain information … Read more

Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

digital marketing for small businesses

For small businesses, digital marketing can be quite effective since it offers a low-cost approach to reach a larger audience, create leads, and boost sales. Following are some essential digital marketing techniques and pointers for small businesses: 1. Create a Professional Website: The foundation of your internet presence is your website. Make sure it’s user-friendly, … Read more

What Is The Traffic Growth Rate Formula?

What Is The Traffic Growth Rate Formula?

The method for calculating traffic growth rate is used to determine the increase of traffic—or the number of visitors to a website over a given time. Usually, it is described as an increase in percentage. The following equation can be used to determine the traffic growth rate: Traffic Growth Rate=Traffic at the Beginning of the Period – Traffic at the End of the Period / Traffic at the Beginning of the Period​ … Read more

Are Pinterest Images Copyright-Free?

Are Pinterest Images Copyright-Free?

Pinterest is a website where users may share and find content however it does not always guarantee that the content is free of copyright. Users are accountable for making sure they have the required rights or permissions before uploading photographs to Pinterest. Many of the photographs on Pinterest are copyrighted, thus utilizing them without the … Read more

How To Do Instagram Marketing

How To Do Instagram Marketing

Get the most out of Instagram posts Use the Instagram algorithm to create engagement and increase your customer reach Make the Instagram algorithm work in your favor and get the most out of your posts. Active Instagram accounts range from 1,000+ to 100,000+ followers. Read how to keep fans engaged, add location stories, use hashtags, … Read more