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Boost your Divi WP Speed to 90+

Regardless of effects, external scripts, and chat widgets.

Override speed blockers

Regardless of whether you have a simple DiVi site or a Woocommerce DiVi, you can reach top speed no matter what.

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When it comes to website speed, page builders like Divi act like speed blockers. Speed blockers are for the owners and not for experienced speed optimizers. I have recorded un-optimized client sites that ask for my help fixing their speed that DiVi trims on average from 20 to 40 speed points. In the past, the only solution was to rebuild the site content. Today I can offer the method I developed over the last 4 years that keeps DiVi in place and at the same time yields 90+ website speed.

Needless to say, the number of installed plugins plays a major role.

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Divi Speed Optimization Steps

Actions to be taken:

1. Server optimization/caching. Unregulated server caching and/or limited hosting resources will block higher speed. Those two could reduce your speed potential from 1.5s to 4s. Most of the time managed hosting does not allow optimizing the server because it gives no access to the critical speed settings. To tweak server settings I need a full working cPanel or Plesk.

2. CSS/JS errors fixed. These relate to UX (mobile/desktop view) and performance (sites with UX errors get low grades on the speed reports).

3. CSS/JS merging/deferring. Unused CSS cleaning. Reduces the CSS file size up to 96%.

4. Fonts served locally and preloaded so they are not render-blocking.

5. Image optimization (I have developed a technique to reduce the file size of images up to 78% (lossless compression), not found elsewhere. Freelancers either shrink the images via WP plugins e.g., Imagify, Smush, or online services that destroy the visuals. My technique is 100% manual (two-stage processing).

6. Defer external scripts i.e. Facebook, Analytics, Google Ads, chat widgets, tracking scripts, etc.

Speed Optimization results


Great work, will absolutely use Ted to speed up all my future websites! Very good communicator and delivered stellar results. Even went back a few times to fix little issues that I found such as certain pages or elements needing to be excluded, etc. Ted took my site from ~50 to nearly 100 on all pages as measured by Pagespeed insights. All around I had a great experience and highly recommend Ted to anyone with a WordPress site that they want sped up! The usability of my website increased and so did my revenue. Another huge plus was his communication was very professional and he even fixed a few extra issues that we ran into along with way like a pro. If you want your site sped up, Ted is your guy.

Ted is a great catch. He does the job professionally and solves every problem thrown at him. Very much recommended. I will hire him again in the future if I need him.

Ted is one of the absolute best developers we have had the pleasure of working with. We came to Ted with a problem that we had tried solving with other developers, but had hit a wall. It was clear during the interview process that Ted knew his subject matter on a much deeper level than all the other applicants. The tasks were completed well beyond our expectations, with a lot of free technical advice and help that is worth much more than what we had agreed on for this project. The hours were billed in the fairest way and it really made this an easy and positive experience. Suffice to say, we will be in touch again soon with more projects to work on together. Thank you so much for your positive contribution to our website.

Ted is a Rockstar when it comes to Page Speed optimization. My website speed spiked in leaps and bounds after experiencing Ted's magical touch - mind-blowing to say the least. I've engaged different so-called 'experts' in the past but all they did was band-aid solutions. Ted is refreshingly different. Initially I was skeptical, until I saw the speed metrics literally fly. He also went above and beyond to fix/optimize other related areas which I overlooked or didn't even know. A knowledgeable technical professional like Ted deserves the rate he asks for, so while you may be able to get 'cheaper' rates from others, end of the day, ask yourself whether you are looking for result or cheapest freelancer. Money well spent - I vouch for him.

Ted is in the 1% of people who actually know what they’re doing when it comes to speed optimisation. He doesn’t simply install a plugin and switch on a few options to increase speed. Ted did a real deep dive into our website and identified all the processes that slowed down our website and fixed it. Cleaned our database and gave us some very solid advice. Trust me this was not an easy task because we have a huge e-commerce website which had dramatically low scores. Now our speed scores are 90+ on almost every page. Need speed? I 1000% recommend you hire Ted.

We had a website created by a freelancer with a myriad of problems. Ted, worked miracles and went above and beyond to not only fix the problems, but advise on best practice ‘what should be done and why’. He also made recommendations outside the scope and ensured we had a working website to our satisfaction within a timely manner. My one ‘takeaway’ from this is look for experts in their field and pay for quality, you only need to do the job once that way. I would recommend Ted highly not only for his technical ability, but also for his commercial nous and his professionalism in responding to client needs.

Ted went above and beyond what was expected during the project. We will definitely reach out to Ted in the future for any issues we might come across on our side.

He improved my site speed from 40/100 to 100/100 in 30 pages! At first i did not believe it was true when i saw it but then i did a little navigation on the site and i realised that is runs super super fast. Efficient, fast and with a lot of experience in improving site speed. Thank you very much Thodoris! Anyone who want to improve their site speed he is absolutely the best professional.


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With Divi, a well-liked WordPress theme from Elegant Themes, users can easily construct beautiful websites. Even with its abundance of features, Divi may occasionally result in sluggish loading speeds if optimization is not done correctly. In addition to improving user experience, a quick website also improves SEO and conversion rates.

Select a Reliable Hosting Company: A dependable hosting company is the cornerstone of a quick website. Select a web host that provides servers that are optimized for WordPress websites. To guarantee quick loading times, look for features like CDN integration, SSD storage, and strong caching systems.

Optimize images: Your website may load much more slowly if it contains high-resolution images. To minimize image file sizes without sacrificing quality, use image compression methods or plugins like Smush or Imagify. To further improve initial page load times, think about delaying the loading of off-screen images with lazy loading images.

Minify JavaScript and CSS: Divi creates large files for both of these technologies in order to render its dynamic designs. By eliminating extraneous spaces, comments, and formatting, these files are minified, which lowers file sizes and accelerates loading times. Use plugins such as WP Rocket or Autoptimize to automatically minify and concatenate JavaScript and CSS files.

Use Browser Caching: Allow visitors’ devices to store static resources, like images, CSS, and JavaScript files, locally by turning on browser caching. Retrieving materials from their cache instead of downloading them again from the server enables repeat visitors to load your site more quickly. The majority of caching plugins, such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, provide simple configurations for browser caching.

Turn on Gzip compression to speed up the loading of your website by reducing the amount of its files before delivering them to users’ browsers. The majority of hosting companies provide Gzip compression, but you may also enable it by adding code snippets to your .htaccess file or by using WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache.

Optimize Divi Settings: Divi has several settings that you can use to alter the look and feel of your website. Performance may be impacted by certain elements, though, such as animations and parallax effects. To speed up the loading time, turn off extra elements and animations that aren’t essential to your design.

Update Divi and Plugins Frequently: Make sure you have the most recent versions of both the Divi theme and the plugins that go with it. Updates are often released by developers to enhance compatibility, security, and performance. You may maintain the seamless operation of your website by using the most recent optimizations and upgrades by keeping up to date.

To sum up, improving the performance of your Divi website is essential to both delivering a top-notch user experience and improving search engine rankings. These seven suggestions will help you make major improvements to loading times and guarantee that visitors to your Divi website will experience speed and efficiency on all devices.