Website speed myths

website speed myths

People tend to give more credit to website speed than merited and attribute to it properties and powers it doesn’t have. Examples: Indexation People think that part of (or all of) their indexation issues are caused by the low website speed when the truth is, that their SEO team is underperforming dramatically.     Higher … Read more

MySQL error token mismatch

token mismatch

MySQL error token mismatch when you connect to a database in PHPMyadmin. if the browser cookies don’t match the error: token mismatch comes up Reasons that generate this error: 1. the /tmp directory is full. Run the command df -h on a server terminal, empty the directory contents when you find Use: 100% and clear … Read more

Database connection error

database connection error

Very common error this one (Database connection error). What it means is, Wordpress lost connection to its database, therefore it cannot pull any content or render the pages. The issue is of high severity and critical when it happens. The issue is generated due to a faulty SQL server setup (host to blame). Few solutions … Read more