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I was reading today a speed optimization job post from a clueless guy in Pakistan who’s the webmaster or most likely the mediator for a website. Sadly the website is built with WP Bakery and the mediator wasn’t sure how he could do the most damage possible to his client. Specifically, he wanted to optimize the website and pass all core web vitals on his terms though, and by using no caching plugin, as if that is even possible and an option for the website.

Ιs your WordPress slow?

wordpress slow

WordPress sites become slower when plugins or themes create PHP errors and slow database queries. These errors will not show up on WordPress speed performance reports but can be identified and fixed after running a speed audit.

What is TTFB (Time to First Byte)

TTFB Time to First Byte

Time to First Byte, and NOT Time for First Byte, is the length of time that passes after a user submits a request to a web server before a web browser receives the first byte of data. When you click on a link to a website while browsing the internet, your web browser sends a … Read more

WordPress Themes that Kill Your Speed

wp themes speed killers

Page speed is important for UX, SEO, and traffic. Notes – Actual conditions reported from real sites (no Themeforest demo sites). These are live sites with traffic, usually hosted on unregulated servers, most of them designed with page builders, which is the norm today, and bloated with plugins. Let’s check what’s going on with the … Read more

How To Optimize Your Website with PageSpeed Insights

pagespeed insights

Optimizing the speed and performance of your website is critical for providing a great user experience and enhancing search engine results. Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool that can help you examine your website’s performance and make optimization recommendations. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for optimizing your website with PageSpeed Insights: To use PageSpeed Insights, go … Read more

Optimize a WP database

Optimize a WordPress database

  I will make your WordPress database lean and fit to respond faster to queries and load pages quickly   Get Help      Optimized Databases Pave The Road for 90+ Website Speed I tune the database performance to the point it yields a fast system response time. The positive effects of SQL optimization can … Read more

What are the Core Web Vitals

What are the Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics that measure the user experience on a website in terms of speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. They were introduced by Google in May 2020 as a part of its broader efforts to improve user experience on the web and indirectly, affect search engine rankings. Here is a screenshot … Read more