Don't offer services when you have no credibility (important).

I get daily emails from people who advertise services. I haven't worked with any of them so why trust them that they do everything they say?

I don't know if they can deliver the quality I need, and if they can keep the deadline. I don't even know if they can communicate decently in English past the initial pitch. Take a look at the sentences below to get my point:

Is your Eye Looking for Guest Post Idea?" "We are giving the commitment to you that we will deliver the best quality of work to your valuable requirements. We want to make strong bonding with you in the essence of superior business output

These guys painted a figure of ridicule of themselves. After having spent dozens of hours talking to providers, struggling to get past the 'Yes Sir' which does not do the job for me, I know what I'm talking about.

Bottom line. Don't sell when you have zero credibility. Try to establish a form of connection first. How? I won't tell you how to be a good salesman. I'm only highlighting your fails. Use your imagination to better your pitch.


Don't put salespeople pitching services.

It's a waste of time. Sales people have no clue of the niche. I have never seen a salesman/woman having the slightest idea on what they're selling. When you ask them what those services entail and how growth comes, they mimic failed pitches. Nothing new, nothing of what they're selling works, and everything will get you into trouble as it's spam.


Don't pitch if you're a spammer.

If you think you're not, better check the tactics that I deem spam, i.e., Article Marketing, Guest Posting, Link Profiles, Social Bookmarks, Link Directories, Domain Redirects, Doorway Pages, etc.


Don't sell hype.

Statements like the following:

We have great resources of high-quality genuine blogs as more than 5000+ sites with high DA and good PA in various niches.

I will soon find out that they don't have so many sites, and most of them are trash without a high DA and PA.


Don't sell the need to work more for the search engines.

You only show how stupid you are when you talk about something you know nothing about and very easy to figure out the truth. He knows better where his site stands and knows more on SEO than you do.

If he already ranks in many locations as I do, and you offer him services without having done your research, you are showing what a big gaffer you are and look unprofessional too.


Don't say you're the best and have had hundreds of clients.

Tell your mom and make her happy. I don't need to know that. I've seen the best, and I know you're not one of them. FYI the best don't have so much time to take on hundreds of clients, and why should they even pitch like that, so you must be a spammer, piggy-back on others' portfolios, or just fishing.


Disclaimer: I always quote the exact wording, putting [sic] in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous.




Hi, I am Rupesh, Online Marketing Executive

Everyday hundreds of new site are created and hosted over Internet but 98% of them are doomed to perish (sic). Where does your website stand?

If you website is still struggling to find a niche for itself or if you are finding it hard to secure better ranking and visibility in some competitive keywords, here is chance to make it happen with the leading website promotion company

Improve Your Website's Visibility

At we know how to enhance the visibility of your website by incorporating latest website promotion techniques and by leveraging the advantages of different digital marketing techniques.

Our Website marketing experts at follow proven and trusted search engine optimization tactics so that your website can have more targeted visitors to convert.

So, if you wish to dominate the web, just shoot us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,


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from: [This guy can't get even the email right. Most probably a scammer]


I am Uzma, Business Development Manager I see that you relate with Web Design / SEO Services / SMO Services. Get your web development and online promotion jobs done here in India [I don't hire people from India] at a minimal price by experts, where you won't compromise the quality too. If you have any of the following requirement please revert:

1. Complete SEO Packages

2. Manual Directory Submission

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Web Related Services

5. Web Design

6. Link Building

We can get your website on page one of Google. Please reply on this e-mail for more info.

PS: I will be happy to send the "Detail" and "Pricing" and share the Website further more.

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Good Morning ,

My Name is Susant , Working with .... I am sending this email as to let you know about our approach towards your clients SEO Campaign.

We have prepared a step by step action Plan to beat a website Organic competition. This action plan has been tested to our current client websites as well and we got the result. So I would like to adopt these strategy, technique and ideas with your website and your clients too..

I would like to say that, the first step towards this program is a try and test-based approach which can set the expectations right .To begin this, give us an assignment and try our 30 Days of service at no cost.

So, if you want to know more about this or if you have a requirement to try with us, We can discuss the details over a call, define a workable plan and check out a partner road map ahead.

Let us know if we can hope into a Skype/WhatsApp call.;

Thanks & Regards,



from: [his website is not even setup]
Subject: Local Organic Google Business


I was just going through your website and would like to share some observations pertaining to it. Though your website is great and has all the information that prospective customers of your niche will search for, it has a lot of scope for getting optimized in line with Search Engine Guidelines. I’m not just saying this because I have to but can back it with facts and relevant information.

We have conducted a meticulous [sic] SEO audit of your website and found that it can give you more return than it might be giving you at present. We would be happy to share a free of cost and no obligations audit and keywords recommendation report so that you can have a clear picture of what can be done to optimize your website further.

Let me know if you are interested, I will send you a free of cost and no obligations audit and keywords recommendation report for your website?

Thanks & Regards,

Darren B
Business Development Manager [like the title but it's fake]

PS: I have studied your website [sic], prepared an audit report and believe I can help with your business promotion. If you still want us to not contact you, you can ignore this email or ask to remove and I will not contact again. [if you get their audit you'll probably find that they put the URL to an online service, and got back an automated no-value report].



Hello (website not disclosed), How are you doing today? [I was fine till you contacted me]

I'm sure you have been contacted regarding this before but our value proposition is much unique [sic]. As a business owner, you might be interested to attract more visitors. So you might be wondering, despite having a proficient website, why you are not able to overturn your competitors from the Top Search Results. If you could spare a couple of minutes, I could provide you a concise idea about it.

To start with this is Erick, A Digital Marketing Expert. While doing a search, found that (website not disclosed) is not on the 1st Page of Google. So thought you might be interested to know about the causation for the low performance of (website not disclosed). Most recently Maccabee update has become the talk of the town [sic, spare me the old Testament talk. You don't know ... about it neither how to fix it]. Phantom is the name given to random updates that Google brings every now and then [sic]. This means websites having a single un-natural link are going to be penalized.

Moreover, growing preference for mobile-friendly Pages to help website owner’s gain and hold more visitors to a website has been rolled out. So, we can help transform (website not disclosed) into one.

Why (website not disclosed) Needs Our Assistance: [It doesn't, this way it will stay healthy]

(website not disclosed) has low Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Relevant keyword phrases are not on 1st Page.

(website not disclosed) has Coding Errors.

(website not disclosed) is having On-Page and On-Site Issues.

We can help address above Issues, and Place the website in TOP Search Results. I guarantee 100% satisfaction, as we only deal in White Hat Process. [Not only a liar but a spammer too]

Makes Sense!!! Drop us an email with your questions, we will answer your questions.

Have a Great Day.

Thanks & Regards,

subject: Google 1st Page Ranking?

Hi, We can get your website on 1st page of Search Engine i.e Google, Yahoo & Bing. Would you like to increase the number of visitors to your website?

Please revert [sic] for more details.
Best Regards,


subject: Your Website Can Also Rank High on Google !!

Hope you are doing well,[I was doing well till I got your message]

If Your business website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google search results, then it certainly needs improvements. [How could you know, since you haven't researched it. Then, why do I get emails from other providers that find me on the regional first pages? Don't be lazy, do your job if you want to be a salesman.]

How do we know this, you might think. [I'm not curious, spare me the sales pitch].

Well, we are an IT company in the US that works on enhancing websites for businesses like yours. Our experts can provide you higher Google rankings.

We also specialize in the following:-

A. Web design and development (CMS, HTML, CSS, 2.0 etc.)

B. Scheduled Progress Reports of SEO (on-page, off-page)

C. Upgrading Existing Websites (Responsive development)

D. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

E. Analysis of useful keywords

F. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you’d like to know how we do this, you are welcome to write back and ask us anything regarding the above.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,



Editor's comment: I received this regarding one of my regional websites. See how many lies they spell out.

This is James from India offering Digital Marketing and Web Designing service all over the world from last 8 years. [If it's from India then it's a good service right? Totally wrong].

I thought you might like to know some reasons why you are not getting enough Social Media and Organic search engine traffic for (website). [I'm not getting enough traffic from Social Media because I don't have any social media accounts].

1. Your website (website) is not ranking top in Google organic searches for many competitive keyword phrases. [Yet it does, but you haven't check the regional language terms. Just phising. Are you serious, man?].

2. Your company is not doing well in most of the Social Media Websites. [I don't have any you fine specimen of digital marketer!].

3. Your site is not get ranked in Local listing. [sic! He can't even write a sentence in English]

There are many additional improvements that could be made to your website, and if you would like to learn about them, and are curious to know what our working together would involve, then I would be glad to provide you with a detailed analysis.

Our clients [seriously, do you have any?] consistently tell us that their customers find them because they are at the top of the Google search rankings. Being at the top left of Google (#1- #3 organic positions) is the best thing you can do for your company's website traffic and online reputation. [but you wouldn't know would you?] You will be happy to know that, my team is willing to guarantee you 1st page Google ranking for most of your targeted keyword phrases in our four months ongoing campaign. [Guarantees, oh I see you are not only a lier but a scammer too.]

Sound interesting? Feel free to email us or alternatively you can provide me with your phone number and the best time to call you.

Best Regards,



PS1: This is onetime email and you may ask us to "REMOVE” you from our mailing list.

PS2: I found your site from online advertising but did not click. [I don't do any online advertising. Stop smoking those things that make you high].

PS3: I will be happy to send you links to price list.


Are you planning to outsource your SEO offshore? You are at the right place by reading this! We are the leading SEO Company, working with a number of agencies and generating awesome leads for their clients.

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5. Handy Project Management through Basecamp.

6. Creation of a rich backlink profile with backlinks coming from sites with DA, TF>15.

7. Weekly Rankings and Monthly Performance Reports.

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If there’s something else you’re challenged with, drop your Skype id or Phone No. and I’ll get back to you instantly.

If you are interested then I can send you our past work details, company information and an affordable quotation with the best offer.



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P.S. This is an advertisement and a promotional mail strictly on the guidelines of CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this mail, also clearly mentioned the subject lines and they are in no way misleading in any form. We have found your mail address through our own efforts on the web search and not through any illegal way. If you find this mail unsolicited, please reply with "Remove" in the subject line and we will take care that you do not receive any further promotional mail.




I just wanted to know if you require better solution to manage SEO, SMO, PPC, Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing, keyword research, Reporting etc.

We can manage all as we have a 150+ expert team of professionals and help you save a hefty amount on hiring resources.

Marketing Services: SEO | PPC | SMO | SMM

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Hope you are doing well…

Thank you for considering on our proposal!

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An end to this entire question we provide a complete solution for your online business need.

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Our Steps and the Activities to Rank You Smart :- [Well it would require a smart person to do the job and I don't see you fit]

Back Link Creation / Link Building

Competition Analysis

Keywords Optimization

Keywords Research

Optimized Content Creation

Submission to Article Directories [Spam alert]

Submission to Search Engines and Directories [Spam alert]

Reply for the best quote and best contact number for your website link and will we rank you top in Google searches…

Looking Forward To Doing Business with You!




Hope you are fine,

We can help locate your website on the top search engine pages only in your local market.

Tell us these details:

1. Your website URL [It seems he's just sending blind emails, bad for lead generation]

2. Keywords recommended through you [sic].

3. Target/area the place you desire to rank your website.

If you are interested, let me know about your phone number. And Skype ID [that would be a nightmare, having someone stalking me].



Dear Site Owner,,

My name is Riya, I work for a Search Engine Marketing company we specialize in all aspects of digital marketing.

We offer organic S.E.O Service with a full range of supporting services such as, guest blogging [spam alert], social media marketing, PPC management and press release [spam alert] writing and marketing, etc.

We can help improve the search results, which will help deliver keyword driven traffic and customer enquiries to your website? [Why is the question here?]

We will show you good results within 2 to 3 months.

Our S.E.O team achieves results and we can prove it. We already rank in top 10 for many keywords.[Hype alert, no proof at all.]

The techniques/methods we use follow Google guidelines.[Red flag raised here, spam alert.]

If you are interested please send me your website link then we will do free analysis of your website and send you your website current status and what`s the S.E.O requirement need your website.

We would be happy to send you a proposal using the top search phrases for your area of expertise.

Please contact me at your convenience so that we can assist you better.

Kind Regards,


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