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Site Redesign with SEO

How to Redesign a Site with SEO

When you redesign a site, you have to factor in critical SEO parameters to keep the flow of traffic running.



ecommerce mistakes

Are You Making These eCommerce Mistakes?

What mistakes to avoid when building your eCommerce site and what to quickly fix.




What Is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

What Is a Private Blog Network: Who needs a PBN; How to Build and Host a PBN; What Is the Value of PBN Links and Where to Buy Them.



Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO? (Video)

Video with 48 Black-hat SEO tactics, what software and online services spammers use, what are the ways to protect your site.



merge gmb locations

How to Merge Duplicate Google My Business Locations

Merge duplicate Google My Business listings or multiple locations into one.



mobile responsive websites

Mobile Responsive Websites and SEO

Why change your current website setup? Are there any gains that justify the costs of making a website mobile-friendly?





What is the performance of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) overall and concerning organic traffic, rankings and tracking.



Is Google News mobile-friendly

Is Google News mobile-friendly? (Case study)

Curious to see if Google News was mobile-friendly, I tested the introduction of AMP into the service.



Packages Kept Back

Ubuntu Does Not Update - Packages Kept Back (Solved)

You will solve the error message when Ubuntu refuses to upgrade packages. Error = The following packages have been kept back



WiFI adapter not found on Ubuntu

Ubuntu not Detecting WiFi Adapter (Solved)

Easy solution that worked for me after numerous attempts to make my WiFi adapter work in Ubuntu



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