The new clueless group of "Speed Optimizers"

wordpress database optimization

We have seen this movie. A group of webmasters who became SEOs with terrible results. The new trend is clueless website speed optimizers.


What are the Core Web Vitals

wordpress database optimization

I explain what the Core Web Vitals are about and what to take from running measurements.


Themes speed blockers

Wordpress Themes that Kill the Speed

Wordpress themes tested and optimized on real sites with metrics, traffic and a lot of bloat.







Answering questions on building or buying backlinks, indexing, landing pages, content, rankings, mistakes.



Site Redesign with SEO

How to Redesign a Site with SEO

When you redesign a site, you have to factor in critical SEO parameters to keep the flow of traffic running.




What Is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

What Is a Private Blog Network: Who needs a PBN; How to Build and Host a PBN; What Is the Value of PBN Links and Where to Buy Them.



Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO? (Video)

Video with 48 Black-hat SEO tactics, what software and online services spammers use, what are the ways to protect your site.



Grow a Startup

Startup Marketing Plan - Traffic Channels Breakdown

How to segment your audience, set the growth KPIs, use all traffic channels, track performance, calculate costs, build the brand and generate leads.



buying backlinks

9 Reasons against Buying Backlinks

Why is not Safe to Buy Backlinks. This article is mentioned in Wikipedia as a source.



big publishers dominate on google

Is there a Big Publisher Domination on Google First Page?

What a case study shows about 16 big brands and their Google first-page domination on money-making terms AKA ‘generic’ keywords in SEO.



mobile responsive websites

Mobile Responsive Websites and SEO

Why change your current website setup? Are there any gains that justify the costs of making a website mobile-friendly?





What is the performance of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) overall and concerning organic traffic, rankings and tracking.



how to pitch clients

How to Pitch to Clients or to SEO Teams

Salespeople always fail when they pitch SEO services. I present a few bullet points on what to avoid when contacting the SEO team.



seo scams

What are the most common SEO scams?

SEO Scammers are the filth of the SEO industry. I disclose here their names and tactics.



dmoz shutdown

DMOZ Directory Closed

The DMOZ directory that shaped the Search industry pulled out the plug on March 14, 20



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