What to expect from outsourcing SEO services


White Label SEO Services

Top notch SEO Know-how

White hat SEO

High-quality deliverables

Manual Link Building

International SEO

NDAs available

24/7 access to Reports

Fast Support w/ perfect English

Bulk Discounts

Flexible Payment Options

I will shape a customized approach based on the data available from my research and the goals we set in common. Or you may have ready tasks to assign, and we can start on the double.


  • Google Top 10 Rankings
  • YouTube Top 10 Rankings
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Audits
  • Keyword & Competition Research
  • Advanced Landing Page Optimization
  • Visits & Conversion Tracking
  • Brand Mentions
  • Content Opportunities
  • Featured Search Snippets
  • International SEO
  • Schema Markup
  • Content Structure Optimization
  • Website Migrations
  • MoM Rankings Monitoring
  • Link Profile Cleanup
  • Duplicate Content Fixes
  • Google Penalty Removals
  • Video Creation
  • Email Outreach





How to Outsource SEO?

Just fill in the form above and I will get back to you with a few questions. I would recommend starting with a low budget and expand if you see ROI. I understand that finding a partner to outsource SEO tasks or entire campaigns is never easy. But when you find a reliable partner, then you can scale up your business and earn more money and reputation. There's no room here for poor service or broken communication. I know exactly what I am doing and I don't generate spam or take on clients that want me to work with spam methods. It's a great opportunity to reduce your costs, cope with daily tasks and deliver on time services, and most importantly get top quality SEO services at an affordable price. You will always know how the project is developing, and have access to detailed reports.

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Are You an SEO Expert?

I am a veteran SEO expert who, instead of working in a cubicle, I'm out working on my own. My expertise allows me to streamline processes and produce amazing results. My services worth far more than a typical 9-to-5 SEO working in a cubicle. I have an agency-side and corporate in-house background, so I understand how large corporations and small businesses think, what constraints they have, why they need to optimize budgets, their expectations, and reports that make sense to the management. I've also managed deliverables and communication with big agencies as an in-house SEO manager, so I know how important it is to have a proper communication channel, both sides being on the same page, produce digestible reports, and show great results on the dashboard.

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What Are Your SEO Standards?

I focus on producing high-quality content that converts into traffic. No spam, thin pages, keyword stuffing, duplicate content (see here for a list of forbidden tactics). I build links manually (no tools used) on domains with a lot of human traffic and high domain authority. I don't buy links - unless the client specifically asks for such, I don't do link exchanges or link farms. Anything that looks unnatural has no room in my work.

It is fundamental to have a responsive (mobile-friendly) website that is fast enough to rank well and compete. I could migrate the client website into a modern, SEO- and mobile-friendly setup. I could also optimize the website speed from server-side and website-side, so it passes all speed audits in tools like Google Page Insights and GTMetrix.

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What Are the SEO Outsourcing Costs?

Some tasks can be cheaper to outsource than to handle in-house. Outsourcing allows a business to scale more easily and take on more clients. To calculate the costs of doing SEO tasks in-house, you have to factor in some input: Doing SEO in-house requires a lot of working hours, uploading content, verifying emails, claiming pages, and building brand mentions. How many members of your team will be engaged in SEO tasks, and what percent of their time will be assigned to SEO? How big will be the learning curve for them to produce strong results in the long run? Speaking as a person with 10+ in the SEO industry, I'd say 3 to 5 years, not to mention that you need to hire someone to teach the in-house team. Will the team be able to avoid generating spam? No way. Outsourcing your SEO projects can offer a different perspective that you have not exploited yet.

The outsider perspective can be proven valuable to growing your organic traffic in unimaginable ways. Then, you have to calculate the licensing costs of specialized tools that SEO people use for their marketing tasks, not to mention the time required to train the team on the use of tools. When you hire locally, you have to abide by stringent labor laws meaning you cannot quickly scale down your business costs for fear of being sued by your employees, and you don't get any money back. Then, it's not that in-house teams are permanent. Hiring steps take months to complete, education takes a while, and in the meantime, the employee may already be in the mindset of changing the company. For tasks that require a high level of technical expertise, outsourcing can be expensive — especially on a tight deadline.

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What Are the Differences between Hiring an Agency and Outsourcing?

Almost 7 out of 10 agencies outsource client projects. So with a high probability, when you hire an agency they will find someone like me to outsource your project. The difference is that I have full control over the work, and I'm the single point of contact to clients. So, there's no waiting to speak to the SEO person who sits in the marketing department and has not been updated on the latest algorithm. The same response delays can occur when the company needs early detection and stopping of spam.

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How to Align Outsourcing to Brand Identity?

It is best to have a few on-boarding conference calls to make sure I understand your business needs and your customer profiles. I will need the brief and material on your brand guidelines to familiarize myself with your goals when I'm called to optimize or create customer-focused content. My portfolio is quite broad, having worked in niches from finance to travel, and from health to tech.

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What SEO Tasks to Outsource?

Hiring a specialist to handle a particular task can be more efficient than doing it in-house. You may outsource the entire project or parts of it. It is easier, faster, and costs less if you outsource tasks to an expert who will not learn on the way and will deliver optimal results. I have worked on website migrations, redirects, website speed optimization, keyword research, keyword mapping, landing page optimization, link building, content marketing, video creation and marketing, and more in 5 different languages. I have a network of publishers that can host blog posts, text links, promote content as influencers, news sites, etc.

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What Are the Risks in Outsourcing SEO?

Outsourcing means you lose a lot of control over the processes outsourced. You may face challenges like finding an expert in niche areas like local SEO, managing freelancers remotely when there are cultural differences or language barriers. When you outsource some SEO tasks, you could cause more damage than good, such as link building and cleanups. I understand that, and I've seen it happen when I had link providers working for me. I haven't ever outsourced link cleanups, but outsourcing link building can be a real mess. Link providers do link blasts, use spammy link sources and tactics, ping one-off the links, it's crazy with all things that can get wrong. I'm a reputable veteran SEO expert and stay away from all this stuff. You might say I'm a control freak, and I need things to be done correctly; otherwise, there's no point in taking on jobs or charging money. That's how I see it.

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When to Expect Higher Rankings?

Google makes changes in search many times a month. With the current state of search, it takes longer than before to rank a website with no prior good ranking record. Then, to keep things safe, you don't want to have unnatural link growth or fake traffic. You want people interested in the client products or services finding the search result good enough to click through it and visit the client landing page (first conversion step). So, the average growth for an established website is to be expected after six months, whereas with new sites, it takes longer.

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What Outsourcing Tasks Are not in Your List?

I don't create content, nor do SEO copywriting. It takes a lot of work if you want it to be great and it pays not enough for the time invested. Additionally, outsourcing content it means passing on second-hand information to somebody who doesn't know the business. To create content, one needs to understand who the customers are, the problems the client products or services can solve. To give you an idea, I research my blog articles for up to 3 weeks before publishing a topic. As you can see, when visiting my blog, my articles are well researched with enough content and action pointers. I don't outsource content to others because I will not be OK with the grammatical errors, the machine-like tone, and the superficial touch of the topic. That said, I do create a video with a few bullet points and images that you provide to me.

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How to Outsource SEO