You will find ways to optimize the performance of paid ads.

Tips that optimize conversions and save money from your advertising budget.

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What does Google Ads offer?

Over half of the trillions of Google searches happen on mobile devices. Google ads split the bid setting by device type. Google Ads run responsive mobile display ads that can access native mobile ad inventory on the Google Display Network.

Extensions in Google Ads make your ads more visible and increase clickthrough rates. Offer more ROI, are relevant to the query and page content, so they qualify better customers.

According to Google, each new ad extension results in a 10-15% CTR uplift (on average) to your search ad text. So, it's good to test them and keep them in your advertising strategy if proven more efficient than the standard ads.

There 6 Types of Ad Extensions:



1. Sitelinks

Sitelinks can be direct links to favorite or high-converting sections of your website, think of them as your landing pages. They can also take the form of a vanity URL instead of the full path. Adding more options to an ad increases the visibility of the website content otherwise unknown, and makes it easier to attract clicks.





2. Callout Extensions

What Callout Extensions do is to highlight or summarize the favorite or unique aspects of your business so that users understand in brief what it offers.


callout extensions


3. Review Extensions

That's a fascinating feature, and I'm curious if it is going to get the credit from the advertisers. The intent is to showcase positive third-party reviews, rankings, and awards, so they create more trust in the business/advertiser.


review extensions



4. Call Extensions

Call Extensions is not a new feature; it has been around for a while. It shows a phone icon and phone number below the ad to encourage calls to your business.


callout extensions



5. Location Extensions

The exciting thing is the insertion of the map pointer and the address shown. It is expected to help people wanting to visit the store in person.


location extensions



6. App Extensions

Responding to the increasing demand for market apps, Google Ads now offers an extension that links to your mobile or tablet app to encourage downloads. Competition is harsh in the app stores, and this will help direct app marketing.


app extensions




Where can Ad Extensions be shown?

Ad extensions will show up in ads on the Search Network, and depend on the expansion might also appear with ads on the Display Network. If you implement all relevant extensions, Google Ads will automatically choose the most useful combination.


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Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads offer more characters with longer headlines and description in a uniform way across devices. The ad format calls for better ad copy, titles, and descriptions to get conversions from people who are on-the-go.



Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads resize and adjust automatically to the look and feel of the website content where placed.


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How does ad bidding work in Google Ads?


Advertisers can bid separately for mobile, desktop and tablet; They can set a base bid, and then set bid adjustments for one or all device types in the range of -100 percent to +900 percent. Advertisers can focus their efforts on the device type that is performing better and then follow with setting bids for the other two device types based on the remaining budget. It also produces more detailed reports split per device type and more attribution models (First-click, Last-click, etc.).

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