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What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority indicates the trust built on a particular domain based on its history, quality content, inbound links, traffic, safe browsing, uptime, and other factors. I use here the Domain and Page Authority scores developed by Moz, which allegedly is based upon the number and quality of links pointing to that site as well as a few other factors, which they have not made public. So, a private company has made a proprietary metric to judge more than 1.5 billion websites without disclosing the factors the same way Google did with Pagerank and also says that its metric doesn't affect the rankings. Hilarious, isn't it? Anyway, domain/page authority is scored on a 100-point logarithmic scale, so it's easier to grow the score from 20 to 30 than it is to grow from 30 to 40. The metric updates one or two times a month, so the result you see reflects two or three weeks in domain history.

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What Is a High Authority Domain?

Allegedly, domain authority is not a search engine factor and doesn't influence rankings. That's what the media says to turn domain buyers away from strong domains. The fact is that domains with high domain/page authority have a lot of backlinks, so it is natural that a strong domain has better chances to rank its pages. If you still believe that this is not true, how come at the top of the pyramid are high authority domains like Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Gravatar, Microsoft, Alexa, Box, Pinterest, Vimeo, Amazon, Flikr, and more?

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Can You Manipulate Domain Authority Metrics?

It is very easy to manipulate domain/page authority like it was the case with Pagerank. There are easy and fast ways to do it, or more time-consuming, lengthy ways. I have no intention of going into black hat ways here. It can be done, and depending on the target domain can take from a few weeks to a few months to increase the metrics.

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Are the Metrics Accurate?

The authority metrics reflect one point in time, like a snapshot of your domain. Under this light, the scores are useful as an insight into where the domain is going. The metrics occasionally show some fluctuation across the whole web spectrum. It could be that MOZ has changed something in its database (already mentioned that is a secret, so you never know if they're telling the truth), crawling problems, database capacity issues, backlinks not acknowledged yet, etc. You need to take these proprietary metrics with a pinch of salt.

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Why Is Page Authority Different than the Domain?

Typically, the domain has a higher authority than its internal pages. I'm talking about the domain in use, so if it's built on, I'm not talking about the www. subdomain or the Http:// version. Usually, these other versions have lower metrics. Anyway, internal pages benefit from the domain authority a bit (via links from the homepage and interlinking) and then rely on what backlinks they can earn with their content. On many occasions, page authority exceeds the domain authority because the page content has attracted a lot of links, or it is over-optimized (lots of artificial backlinks). A natural thing to have is when both metrics DA and PA are close to avoid looking unnatural (when artificial backlinks and not the content, influence the PA).

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What Are SEO Domains?

SEO domains are ready websites with niche-specific content and typically have enough traffic and rankings. SEO domains may or may not have high authority metrics and can be used either as the primary domain, can be redirected to the main site, or used as a PBN (Private Blog Network). Unless indicated as such, high authority domains listed above are not SEO domains.

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