Migration issues

My latest WP Migration projects were: 3 WP sites (built with Elementor, and WP Bakery, 2 of which nested into the 3rd WP -main domain-).
Additionally, I’ve transferred a British Woocommerce website amounting to 32GB of data.
There’s no limit to the website size that I can transfer.

Issues you might encounter during a website migration:
1. SSL certificates (renewal and transfer)
2. Internal URLs not working (permalinks issue).
3. Inbox messages will likely not be migrated (if you do manual migration).
4. Media (image) paths might brake (the media folders under /uploads need to be migrated. Note that zipping in cPanel might leave behind images and some nested folders, …tricky).
5. The best way to transfer is from account to account. It requires both cPanels (not available in many cases, and an empty cPanel account on the destination server.
6. Some forms and email triggers might not be working after the website migration.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash