Mistakes regarding website speed

here is a job posted on a forum: Hello we are looking for someone who can improve a website speed: (Romanian domain hidden) We want someone who can do better than plugins. The website is a landing page, 1 page only, so we are seeking a grade A. Thanks That guy not only can’t see the forest for the Trees having a terrible speed (no rating on mobile possibly due to server error and a mere 23% on desktop -very difficult to be so bad) but he also has the nerve to pose limitations (no plugins – hilarious) to whoever is so unfortunate, to gamble and try to optimize it. speed error Needless to say, that website speed is doomed to stay broken.

Drowned by the plugins he’s using

Another guy had an unoptimized e-commerce website in Hong Kong full of plugins. It was clear that he experimented a lot with it to a breakable point. I work with sites that run a reasonable number of plugins, (i.e., no more than 20 plugins for simple company presence, no more than 40 for Woocommerce sites). Exceeding those numbers doesn’t make sense to optimize. In most cases, it could be successful, but I will have to work twice as hard and battle with plugin conflicts, resulting in more working hours, and broken layouts, factors that could compromise the project targets. Thus, I reserve the right to not work on such problematic websites.
Main Form

Failing Services/Hosts

I don’t work with failing services as in: – Ezoic Ads (the Ezoic network is incompatible with modern speed standards and generates Core Web Vitals issues, thus not supported by me; The owner will need to open a ticket and complain to Ezoic for destroying their website speed); – Sucuri; – Cloudflare; (those services increase considerably the working time needed for speed changes). – Google Cloud (too complex); – Godaddy, – Hostgator, and – Amazon servers (most of them are very slow). — If the website is bad-coded or has a problematic setup (i.e. too heavy, loading many resources) or the hosting is too slow (i.e. server/database errors Hostgator), the speed is very hard to fix.

Content/layout issues out of scope

Content/layout fixes are not allowed to be thrown into speed projects unless they strictly pertain to them i.e. broken layout after the resources are stressed. a) If you need to create more pages, b) change the styles, c) install new features or d) fix a broken hamburger menu or the shopping cart, my advice is to find a web developer and get them done before starting the speed project. Layout issues are considered out of scope in speed optimization.

Developers can’t Follow Instructions

I will personally make the speed changes without the help of a developer. Additionally, there will be no set of instructions given to in-house developers to execute. The reason is: that I have found that developers have huge difficulties executing the instructions and/or questioning everything to acquire more skills, which is unproductive and out of scope.


Acts as if he knows what needs to be done but hasn’t figured out a way to do it himself. Too arrogant putting limitations on people who know better than him. My prediction: He will keep on battling speed issues with this attitude for the next 12 months. Broken speed it is, my friend. arrogance Another one, apparently they come in pairs. German owner this time. From personal experience, Germans are low-profile people (when sober or not in control), and trust the experts. This one is likely the exception to the rule. clueless owner