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Fast site with DiVi 90+ (mobile)

divi speed


Regardless if you have a simple DiVi site, or a DiVi Woocommerce, you can reach .

When it comes to website speed page builders, DiVi is a speed blocker. I have measured that DiVi trims 20-40 speed points on un-optimized client sites that ask for my help in fixing their speed. In the past the only solution was to rebuild the site content. Today I have developed a method that keeps DiVi put and yields easily 90+ website speed.

Needless to say the number of installed plugins plays a major role.


Actions taken:

1. Server optimization/caching. Unregulated server caching and/or limited hosting resources will block higher speed. Those two could reduce your speed potential from 1.5s to 4s. Most of the time, managed hosting does not allow optimizing the server because it gives no access to the critical speed settings. To tweak server settings I need a full working cPanel or Plesk.

2. CSS/JS errors fixed. These relate to UX (mobile/desktop view) and performance (sites with UX errors get low grades on the speed reports).

3. CSS/JS merging/deferring. Unused CSS cleaning. Reduces the CSS file size up to 96%.

4. Fonts served locally and preloaded so they are not render-blocking.

5. Image optimization (I have developed a technique to reduce the file size of images up to 78% (lossless compression), not found elsewhere. Freelancers either shrink the images via WP plugins e.g., Imagify, Smush, or online services that destroy the visuals. My technique is 100% manual (two-stage processing).

6. Defer external scripts i.e. Facebook, Analytics, Google Ads, chat widgets, tracking scripts, etc.

divi speed