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SEO for Podiatrists

SEO will put your podiatrist website in the Google Top 10 in your local area. Local directories and ads fail to provide enough traffic. Google Ads don’t generate clicks because up to 88% of people skip the ads and scroll down to find podiatrist results obtained with SEO. Podiatrist websites in the top 10 attract all visits, and nobody goes to the second page. Google ranks those websites because it grades them as worthy of being there, and data from users’ behavior show that people mostly click on them when searching for a podiatrist. Your podiatrist website should be on page one too. Get in touch, and I will make it happen.

Podiatrists Found Online and Build Name Recognition

A podiatrist may sign up for my program at $489/month. I offer a Starter package at the beginning of this page. The program includes a brief chat to align on the program goals and keywords, technical and content improvements, and more. It resolves SEO issues, discovers content opportunities for better rankings, and improves site speed. It’s a performance SEO program that typically provides page-one rankings. If your webpage is located from the second page of Google to the fifth, it generally requires a few weeks for page one. As an option, I could create and rank videos about your practice to get extra traffic from YouTube and increase your name recognition. YouTube videos rank faster than webpages because of the different classification algorithms on YouTube.

Local SEO for Podiatrists

Local SEO is the method that will bring you leads from your area. Podiatrists’ listings in Google Maps are also featured in Google search results (embedded maps). You need to be among the top 5 listings to get enough calls and visits from local patients. Content improvements, local SEO, site speed, and mobile-friendly web pages are factors that will get you there.

SEO Costs for Podiatrists


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When will my site reach the first page?

Taking into account only local results: if your podiatrist page ranks between the 2nd and the 5th page, it could reach the Top 10 in a few weeks. Pages beyond the first 50 results require a few months, not weeks.

Podiatrist topics

We could create more content on topics people search online to get more leads. For example:

  • What does a podiatrist do?
  • What tests will a podiatrist do?
  • What conditions can podiatrists treat?
  • What kind of doctor to see for foot pain?
  • How much does a podiatrist visit cost?
  • What does a podiatrist do on the first visit?
  • Do you need a referral to see a podiatrist?
  • Does a podiatrist treat metatarsalgia?
  • Does a podiatrist remove dead skin?
  • Do podiatrists take insurance?
  • Can a podiatrist do foot surgery?
  • What is the cause of foot pain?
  • Is a podiatrist and a foot doctor the same practice?


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