Here is why my videos make it to the YouTube top 10

  • I optimize all YouTube video meta fields.
  • I don't use fake views or spam the video network.
  • All my videos rank naturally, get real views, clicks and shares so it makes sense for YouTube's engine to rank them in the first results.

You don't need a website to get leads

But even if you have a website, you don't need to wait till your site ranks for competitive terms. Position your business in the YouTube network with 1,3 billion users. If your content provides some value, prospects will appreciate it and will want to get in touch with your business.


  • My videos have already top rankings in YouTube locally or globally. I can position your videos equally high. I work with all western languages.
  • Get thousands of views. No fake views, no spam. Can you rank long-term anywhere using spam? When you spam YouTube, you raise a flag and YouTube ditches your video into its sandbox. The videos I optimize get thousands of views as a result of their top rankings.
  • I will rank your video for competitive terms. I do not mind the competition because with each video I optimize all possible aspects not known to most of your competitors. That is why I manage to rank for competitive terms.
  • I will also show up your video in YouTube's right sidebar with the suggested videos. Showing up in more places in YouTube is an additional benefit as you will be getting views when viewers watch a competitor video. Your video will show in the suggested videos, because of its topic relevance and its high visibility.
  • I will increase your Brand Awareness. Videos are a nice way to gain more visibility for the brand using the power of the biggest video network (YouTube).
  • Do not care about the links pointing to your site. I am not talking about SEO here, this is video marketing, and what matters most is to get more views, clicks, and brand visibility.
  • My videos are mobile-friendly. Most of the views will come from mobile devices as people and search engines are shifting to a higher mobile experience and all marketers need to adjust to that.
  • YouTube offers enormous opportunities for revenue from selling services or products. With 1,300,000,000 of users that watch nearly 5 billion videos every day, and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, imagine the opportunities. Close to 80% of the age-group 18-49 watch videos on YouTube. The competition is equally high. So, you need a seasoned YouTube SEO marketer to match your expectations.


Your videos stand out

Ranking in YouTube is hard for most marketers. Selling fake views and spamming the YouTube engine will not provide any benefit to your business.

Here, you are making the first step to a successful video campaign.

You will get thousands of views when your video starts climbing the rankings. It is not a spammy method. The results originate from the white-hat optimization of every possible aspect in your video before uploaded, and the natural growing of its visibility.

You understand that the results will not happen in a day or two, because of the slow, natural growth, and the niche competition. The next section gives some time estimates.

You acknowledge that I can provide the best results when your video is not uploaded yet, as with the uploaded videos I only have a few aspects to optimize.


How much time does it take to rank a YouTube video?

- Low-competition: 1-2 weeks for the first results. The video will keep ranking higher until it exhausts its potential.

- Medium-competition: 2 weeks for the first results. The video will keep ranking higher until it exhausts its potential. In the meantime, you will be getting views and clicks.

- High-competition: 2-4 weeks for the first results. More time is required for a high-competitive term to reach the first page. That is good as we need natural growth. In the meantime, you will be getting views and clicks.


How much does it cost to rank a YouTube video?

- It depends on the term competition and the topic.

- It is a combination of the current competition and your expectations.

- Bulk orders, Small businesses and Startups get a discount.

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Examples from Video Campaigns

Views and watch time for three brand new videos.


SEO YouTube



Do you need to market to a global audience?

Below is the screenshot from the latest YouTube campaign and the global audience reach.



SEO Video



If you only need to market within the United States, here is a screenshot of how my videos do cross-state.


YouTube views



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