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After Google banned all Bondsman ads in 2018, bail bonds have been deprived of a valuable lead generation tool and an easy way to market. The advertising ban looks like an irreversible loss of prospective customers. After the initial shock, bail bonds, of course, looked out for other means of sourcing online traffic. SEO was and still is, the main driver in generating traffic, often overlooked by many because it takes more time and work. The ads are too expensive by themselves, and in comparison to SEO, nearly 80% of people ignore them and click on organic results. If you did run ads before the policy change, and you haven’t been on the first page of Google, regardless of the leads you got, you were losing month over month, almost 8 out of 10 prospects. What SEO will do for you is list your business in the top 10 results for bail bond queries in your area.


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Bail Bonds Found Online

Go ahead and fill in the form on this page, sharing your site and location, and I will make sure you rank for bail bonds keywords in Google. I will fix all the issues that block right now your website from showing up on the first page and start building your traffic. The second step is checking the local competition to see what areas we can improve and keyword opportunities to exploit. Then, I group the keywords based on relevancy and map them on landing pages. Content improvements can make a difference in rankings as most of the competitors’ sites will not be optimized the right way. The final step is to make sure all mentions of your business on external websites, i.e., Google My Business, have the same information and enough details.

Local Search Work, Local SEO, for Bail Bonds

Local search results feature bail bond agents that are close to the defendant’s location and has to do with Google Maps. If you do a search or take a look at the image above, you’ll see a map embedded in Google search results. Google Maps listings appear in mobile devices, and that’s important as your defendants (and their relatives) won’t be sitting in front of their PCs looking for an agent to bail them out but will be using their phones. Due to screen limitations in mobile phones, bail bond services need to show up in the first results to get calls.

SEO Costs for Bail Bond Companies

The SEO Business package is priced at $489/month. My packages include the same things in terms of content optimization, content marketing, keyword numbers, etc. The only difference is in the intensity of the campaign. You understand that a campaign that costs $489/mo will not have the same results over time as a campaign of $1,500/mo. It is best to share with me exactly what you need so I can give you the best offer.

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When to Expect Results?

Depending on the package you sign up for, it can take from 1 to 6 months to see local page one rankings. If your site is close to the first page, it may reach the top 10 in a few weeks. Fast results require, first of all, an SEO package that provides speedy results. Other factors that come into play are i) low competition, ii) website and server free from SEO issues, and iii) proximity to page one. If you’re not close to page one, a ballpark figure is 3 to 6 months.


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Bail bond topics

Here is a list of topics that I could prepare content and rank in Google search results:

  • How does bail work?
  • How to post bail.
  • What is the process of bailing out of jail?
  • How to pay for bail.
  • How much does a bail bond cost?
  • Are there 24/7 bail bonds services near me?
  • What if I don’t make it to the court?
  • Can a bond dealer break into a house?

bail bonds seo services

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