Why is Shopify slow?

Shopify stores are too slow to get organic traffic or pay reasonable ads CPC.

Override the hassle of the Shopify platform.

Forget speed blockers, boost traffic and conversions.

  fix Shopify speed from slow to rocket fast

Regardless if you have a big Shopify store or many apps running you can speed it up to the 90s.


Why is Shopify so slow? Fix the speed.


Actions taken:

1. CSS/JS errors fixed. These relate to UX (mobile/desktop view) and performance (sites with UX errors get low grades on the speed reports).

3. CSS/JS merging/deferring. Unused CSS cleaning. Reduces the CSS file size up to 96%.

4. Fonts served locally and preloaded so they are not render-blocking.

5. Image optimization (My proprietary technique reduces the file size of images up to 78% (lossless compression), not found elsewhere).

6. Defer external scripts i.e. Facebook, Analytics, Google Ads, chat widgets, tracking scripts, etc.

7. App analysis and old app code removal

There is also the option to migrate your content from Shopify to a platform you control fully.

Let a pro handle the details

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