Server out of space

The website is using a lot of space on the server. The total disk usage of the server is 132G out of the 150GB disk limit.

If you have access to a server terminal you may run df -i -h to check the directory (inodes) structure and how space is allocated. The number of inodes (Linux systems) is critical, if not enough free, it will pause all server functions. Empty the contents if you see it close to 100% use.

A guestimate:
1. check (and clean) old backups, look for .gz or .zip files or backup files created by backup plugins (typically in the wp-content directory).
2. check (and clean) the contents of the wp-content/cache directory. Some plugins tend to fill it up pretty quickly.
3. The disk space can be used by the OS temporary files (/swap and /tmp directory). You won’t be able to do something about the /swap allocated space. Best to contact the host to find out more.

Image by benzoix on Freepik