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Have more customers calling you and scale your business. Having your webpage listed in local business catalogs, and running ads don’t bring you enough business. That makes sense as Google Ads miss 90% of the people visiting Google. They ignore ads and like to click on organic results achieved with SEO. The pages I work with get indexed within minutes and commonly get decent spots right off the bat. Does SEO take too long? Yes and no. It takes too long to rank new sites that are not loading fast enough (under 2 seconds), have all sorts of technical problems, and lack of the right content to put them on the first page. With websites that are fast, with no technical issues, and are listed between the second and the fifth page of search results, it can take a few weeks. I will make sure your website tops the quality criteria, and you get maximum visibility in the Google Top 10, Google Maps, and optionally in YouTube search (I can create and rank videos faster than pages because of the way YT works).

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Start by signing up for the Business SEO program you will find on this page and share your details. We will do a brief talk to understand your expectations and agree on the keywords, and I start the improvements. The first thing is to run an SEO audit, identify any SEO blockers, and fix them. I will then find content opportunities to increase visibility. The next step is to make advanced content improvements that will grant first-page rankings. Not many in the industry can push content to the limits. It’s a serious advantage that could position your business in front of the competition. Go ahead and grab this opportunity now.

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Local SEO for Landscaping Gardeners

You need customers in the area where you typically provide your services. That’s what Google Maps does. It positions your business in the business listings for people looking for landscaping services with their mobile phones and PCs. To get most of the calls from customers, you need at least a top 5 listing in search results (organic and Google Maps). Note that to be among the top, you need to meet the same quality standards: 100% mobile-friendly, fast website, error-free, and top content. I will make sure you have all that plus more.

Landscaping SEO costs


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Time required for the first page

If your page is relatively close to page one, between the 2nd and the 5th page, it may take a few weeks to rank. If it is too far behind, it will take from 3 to 6 months for local results. Use the form on this page to ask for details.

Landscaping topics

We could create more content on topics people search online to get more leads. For example:

  • What are the types of landscaping?
  • What is the basic landscaping?
  • What are the principles of landscape design?
  • How to make a backyard beautiful on a low budget.
  • What is balance and unity in landscaping?
  • What does a landscape plan include?
  • What are the advantages of landscaping?
  • What is the difference between landscaping and gardening?
  • Is landscaping good for the environment?
  • How to make your yard more environmentally friendly.
  • How much does it cost to hire a landscape architect?
  • How to choose the right landscape designer.
  • How much does a residential landscape design cost?
  • What is the best time of year to landscape?

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Core Web Vitals measure user experience in 6 areas
if you fix all of them you get a perfect score (90+),
visitors will convert more and your rankings will improve.