We have a website redesign ready to go in Figma (whipped up by our own designer) where most of the design has been implemented

We are now looking for a developer to help us with the final touches. Along with helping us wrap up the redesign, this developer will also enhance the site with a list of feature requests that we have

The ideal partner will audit the existing tech stack and make recommendations about optimizing & simplifying the site. The goals are to end up with a site that is stable, fast, and easy to work with.

Additionally, you should have a good sense UI/UX best practices, a professional eye for design, and attention to detail, but we have a designer who will do the heavy lifting for these aspects.

I have a developed website, but it is so slow. We need some help speeding it up!

Produce high-quality content
Optimize my website links
Optimize my website for mobile devices
Properly format my website page
Encourage sharing on social media
Use keywords appropriately
Create clean, focused, and optimized URLs
Get set up on Google ads
Use tools to outperform content marketing

We have a WordPress site that is hosted on WPEngine. It uses HubSpot, WooCommerce, Oxygen Builder, and several other plugins.

We need to optimize the load speed of this site, update plugins, and clean things up so that it runs quickly and efficiently on both the front/back end.

- We are seeking a highly technical web coder who is skilled with HTML/CSS/PHP and specifically wordpress customization and optimizations.

We are looking for someone who can take ownership for the following duties:

1.) Audit website speed and create an action plan for solving page speed insights and core web vitals scores via Google page speed insights benchmarks.

2.) Consult on plugin use, caching and hosting configurations to maximize speed.

3.) Conduct a thorough review of the speed processes of the website and apply theme customizations to consolidate CSS and javascript and optimize the loading processes of the website.

4.) Bonus expertise in Divi page builder an asset, but not required if we are working with someone who is competent in HTML/PHP and wordpress architecture.

Candidates must be available for a paid collaboration meeting every 2 weeks to ensure there are no blockers preventing project completion.

We have an existing Woocommerce site on a staging area that needs a new theme, and to be styled like our old Non-Wordpress website.


- Add a new theme to existing WooCommerce installation on a staging server (we'll provide admin access to staging server and Wordpress installation)
- Style the new theme to better match our old website, but with a modern update
- Make sure new website is mobile responsive
- Ensure basic SEO in place (canonical tags, H1s, Title Tags migrated etc).
-Ensure Page Speed / Core Web Vitals is fast.
- Remove the ability to purchase. Remove "Buy Now&", Checkout Options etc. This is a database of products not a shop. We use WooCommerce to power it.
- An "Enquire Now" button will feature on the product pages instead of "Buy Now / Add to Basket"
- Ideally the theme will use Elementor.

Note: This is a Woocommerce "product database / directory"" website. You can browse products, but you cannot purchase or "add to basket".

Looking for someone to help me sort out my website. Currently the page needs to be designed better. Also, the page speed and experience on google analytics is very slow/weak. So I would want the person hired to increase the speed of the page and experience for users, and increase the likelihood of my page coming on the first page of google. However, I do not want a compromise on the design/layout of the page.

I am about to launch an ecommerce website and I'd like to increase the speed of the website.

I am looking to connect with a freelancer who has a few hours available every month to assist with small updates and fixes to wordpress websites. This position is perfect for someone who wants to earn a little extra money now and then.

We have a few client websites which need updates, small fixes, and changes from time to time.

E.g. Adding products to a WooCommerce store, adding a new recipient to contact forms, mobile optimization, and speed optimization.

Occasionally there will be some problem solving and troubleshooting to identify why a site is not working properly, such as a plugin conflict. You will need to be familiar with identifying conflicts, researching solutions, testing solutions, and ensuring that nothing else on the site is behaving improperly.

The work is intermittent but regular. If you are familiar with building websites from graphic designs and have a strong command over plugin installation, configuration, and integration, I will keep you in mind for the web development projects which occasionally come across our desk.

Please submit some examples of your work or just a description of the type of work you've done with WordPress in the past.

P.S. Right now we have a task related to Speed Improvements. Please have experience in this area beyond *install WP Rocket*. I am looking for someone who can read a speed report and make the necessary changes on the site. We prefer to use https://pagespeed.web.dev/, so please run an example on https://www.com and let me know if you will feel comfortable improving the loading speed times on that site.

I looking for a freelancer who dealt with errors in WordPress and fix a small issue with wp-rocket.

1. Fix the error in the console when you open this link:

2. There are some elements that are not working because I enabled the "delay javascript Execution option" in WP-rocket so need to exclude the right files so that everything will work as expected.

The elements that are not working are attached in the pictures:
section, not working1
section, not working2.(The footer in the cart page)

3. Fix 3 issues in the website pageSpeed report:
A.Minimize main-thread work 
B. Avoid an excessive DOM size
C. Reduce initial server response time

When we launched our website it tested well on Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix. We have since slowed down especially the mobile version of our site on Google Speed Insights. I have WP Rocket installed. It may just be a missing setting or something deeper.

I would hope to get an A+ rating on GTMetrix and between a 90 - 100 score on Google Speed Insights.

We're looking for someone to help with page load time for our WordPress website.

It's currently on Cloudflare CDN.

Please only apply if you specialize in WordPress performance optimization.

We are seeking a developer to optimize and maintain an existing WordPress website with the following skillset:

- Extensive WordPress experience with a portfolio of projects
- Experience integrating third-party APIs
- AWS experience in deploying sites and recovering from backup, adding records into route 53 and other experience is of benefit
- Extensive experience using Elementor
- Can demonstrate before and after optimizations for previous projects in terms of SEO google ranking
- Clear understanding of what is required for robust security can demonstrate through improved metrics on security scorecards or similar

The main objective is to maintain the site, initially spending a few days optimizing it then at least one day a week or as needed to increase organic traffic, improve security improve bounce rate and increase session time.

You will do this through making regular updates of plugins that have been thoroughly tested before deploying, making recommendations for optimizations on content, designs, plugins, etc.

You will provide reports on improvements in ranking and security on a weekly basis.

You will be available to make requested changes to the site as needed.

We are looking for an expert who can increase the loading speed of our shopping website and also fix the javascript as it is outdated. There could be some small relevant and interlined tasks related to speed optimization.

Please respond with credible references because we may need to verify with your past clients your credibility.

We are looking for someone who has substantial experience with it. We will share the URL in private messages.

After you check the URL - you need to tell us specifically what you can do and what would be your working procedures. We need transparency about how much speed you can achieve. That must be mentioned inside your proposal. You also need to mention the points of improvement on the website. We need a to-the-point proposal and not any marketing material from you.

You also need to sign an NDA.

Thank you. We will be waiting eagerly to see your offers.

This is a unique opportunity.You must have prior experience solving speed issues with large import of contact records on multi-tenant architecture.Salesforce, Zoho or any CRM competitor experience is a plus.

Our company has a new SaaS/Cloud CRM application.We need help with DB segmentation, SPEED, and lots more.Here are some examples of problems we need to solve:

*Importing large amounts of data without slowing down other customers
*Reducing queriers
*Over hall tables
*Hardware optimization

Ultimately the CTO/Owner is looking for a right-hand person to work with him directly to solve the speed issues, help manage the development process, and hardware and help expand the dev team and skill sets to complete the next versions of the roadmap. 

Some info about the application:
Semantic UI

If you have the experience to help improve this application and are interested in this position please let me know.My job is to coordinate interviews with the CTO.

We want to improve the speed of our WordPress student platform.
It is required that you have knowledge of the Avada theme, LearnDash, and eventually the Memberium plugin.
Even though I said that this is a short project if we are happy with your work, we would continue to use your services for all our future WordPress tuning on the 20 different websites we are building.

We are looking for a WordPress developer to build the site as shown in the attached Figma link:

Please convert this Figma design to WordPress.

- Do not use Gutenberg, please use the Classic Editor plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/)
- All text and images should be editable using ACF Pro (https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/pro/).
- No plugins other than Classic Editor and ACF Pro should be used.
- Do not create a child theme.
- Theme must be built from scratch without a framework.
- Use Tailwind CSS (https://tailwindcss.com/) utility classes for styling.
- Do not use jQuery only vanilla JavaScript.
- Please use HTML5 markup
- Where necessary please comment on your code
- Design is required to be fully responsive from Mobile to Desktop.
- Must achieve more than 90 score on PageSpeed Insights (https://pagespeed.web.dev/).
- Compatibility with the latest browser versions

We are looking for an expert that can fix issues on a WordPress website.
The site speed needs improvement, the Google CWV needs improvement.

We have a website with a performance/speed test score for Mobile at around 20% and Desktop at around 65% in https://pagespeed.web.dev/We need to optimize the site to make a score of 90+ for both Mobile and Desktop versions. Also need to optimize other parameters to get the best result for SEO. If you think you have already done this type of task before then please apply for this job. Otherwise, you are requested not to apply. Details will be given to the right candidate. Thank you!

We have a large eCommerce site with many custom and third-party plugins. We are looking for someone who has experience in optimising larger sites to help us out particularly to improve mobile speed.

We are currently running on a Litespeed server but using Nitropack for simple optimizations.

I have a real estate directory site that is built on Laravel.
we use MariaDB for our database.
we have employed Redis cache to try and speed up the TTFB (time to the first byte) of each page.

however, since my site has a lot of filtering, pagination & sort options, whenever we use these options, i notice a significant lag in database querying.

I have around 90 listings.
within these 90 listings, I have around 400 types & 1000 subtypes.
i don't think these number of listings, types or subtypes are plenty and by right the database should query required information much faster.

as such, I am looking for an experienced individual who can identify & fix the bottlenecks in our application's database.

I am willing to show the site to shortlisted candidates.

The website is consistently failing Google Page Experience on mobile and has very bad load times. Part of it was hosting-related, so I just migrated from Siteground to Cloudways.

I need help picking a mobile-centric theme and Reducing the impact of third-party code, improving First Contentful Paint, Eliminating render-blocking resources, optimizing JS and CSS, Serve images in next-gen formats, and image compression.

I am easy to work with and very reasonable. I am not an expert in this realm and realized I need an expert, hence this posting. I am readily available and my timeline is flexible - would love to have this wrapped up in 7 days or less.

Initial Step will be to help us pinpoint the issue(s) causing our site to be slow. We recently underwent a full redesign of the website with an updated theme, and can't afford for the site to be as slow as it is.

We significantly streamlined our site - eliminating unnecessary pages and removing several hundred photos from the backend. We've already tried various plugins (Imagify, Lazy Load) resulting in slight upticks in grades/speeds.

Once we have a diagnosis of the issue, we may opt to revamp the site again with a different theme or proceed with the fixes presented. Initial consult should be 1-2 hours of work completed.

Experience with WPBakery & Elementor required.


This is an ecommerce site so the following are of

paramount importance:




I've built the majority of the functionality I'd like to see but it's not optimized and I'm sure there are leaks that need to be plugged. I'd like an expert to review my site and make all the necessary optimizations and updates. In addition, I'm still waiting for updated product images (ready in about 2 months or so) so I'll need this person to be willing to review the site again and make sure things are optimized once the photos are in place.

Theme Used: Elementor; Using a child-theme


Milestone 1:

Review and clean up site structure

Ensure configurations are good

Ensure that margins, sizes, layouts, fonts, alignments, buttons are consistent on every page and section

Review, update, and clean up plugins as well as custom code (ask before you delete or replace any plugins)

Provide suggestions as necessary to improve security, optimization, and anything else based on your expertise

Milestone 2:

Additional Functionality and Tasks for UX/UI

Milestone 3

Optimize site for speed

Optimize site across various screen resolutions - mobile, iPad, Desktop

Additional tasks as requested

Milestone 4:

Review site speed and make any final adjustments/optimizations

Additional tasks as requested


Send a loom or video recording of work that is done

Provide updates via Upwork chat of any additional configuration changes that were made, plugins added or removed etc.

We need to make changes to our Webflow site to optimize site speed. The job will be done when we are in green. Now it is at 36 points. Provide your best price.

We are looking for a professional person to accelerate the work of the site and increase its efficiency through the SEO

and page Speed Insights And correct errors

Our site as a page speed of 99 for desktop but 83 for mobile. Looking for someone to review and see what needs to be done to increase page speed.

We have a Wordpress/Woocommerce web shop on Cloudways Linode Server (4G ram/ 2 cores CPU) and its using New Relic. It also uses Object Cache, Elementor (there are a lot of templates) and a custom theme with a lot of functions and customizations. We also use Cloudways Breeze plugin for caching, Varnish cache and everything else the Cloudways platform offers. We minify css and javascript, we do lazy load, we optimize images and use webp format.

Here are some of the major plugin we use: ACF, Elementor Pro, JetMenu, LiveChat, Mollie, Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce, Wordfence… What we need?

We have a developer, but he is unable to do more. With all this said, our website is still a bit slow, so we need some real speed expert to find out why is this happening and how we can fix it.

Don’t apply on this job if you think that this will be fixed only by enabling some option in our cache plugin. Also write I'm a speed expert in the beginning of the application, so we know you have read everything we wrote here.

Its worth mentioning that the cron job is already set up on the server (via php, not wp-cli) and our heartbeat options are disabled. The website also sits on our server together with 2 other websites, however one of the website is small wordpress site that is not affecting anything, and the 3rd one is disabled and its our old legacy website also not affecting the speed of the server.

Our CPU and RAM are used around 50%, so there is enough resources there.

Another thing that might be the problem is how the server settings are set, so developer that knows how to work with Varnish, Object Cache, OpCache and so on will be plus.

We are looking for website technology experts with experience in planning a complete re-development of an existing website. The current website is in traditional PHP and Wordpress which makes frequent changes time consuming and error prone.

The re-developed website should be so designed and developed that frequent changes to the site should be quick to implement, new visitor/sales funnels can be added at any time, changes made to the site should still keep the website mobile responsive and the code should be scalable and maintainable.

Your job will be to give us a solution for the new site from:

a) Analysis of the current website

b) Breaking the website down to specific components

c) Redeveloping each component such that it can be changed independently of the other components

d) The pages should always remain responsive even after changing the page design

e) Flexibility to be able to add / change sales funnel at any point

You need not do any coding. We only need your expertise to create an architecture document with guidelines on

a) the right Wordpress themes and plug-ins that we should consider

b) how should the site be coded such that we can conduct frequent AB tests (changes in selective pages)

c) we should be able to add/change our sales funnels

d) Website should be SEO friendly.

e) Development should have mobile first approach

f) The site should be optimized for speed.

g) Avoid all redirections that exist in the current site

h) The website gets lots of traffic - so the new site should be able to handle the load.

i) The website should be easily maintainable.

Apply ONLY if you have worked on design and implementation of high-traffic infomercial or e-commerce websites. Please give examples with your application.

We would prefer candidates who have proven experience as technical leaders in planning and implementation of large websites, with maximum flexibility, scalability and maintainability.

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