Landing Pages with fully automated Conversion Funnels.


Multichannel traffic sources, email lists, automation triggers, analytics. Even small automation you add or a form field you remove, can have significant impact on your conversion rate.


Why leave things to luck when you can control all events on and off-page?


When you subscribe to an all-in-one conversion funnel, you get a lot of features that most business owners will never use but are there to make the package more costly. From the features that will eventually be used, some will be inefficient for different reasons. I'll give you some examples.


Lack of clean coding; Features breaking; No organic traffic


Those automated conversion funnels advertise that you don't need to be a developer to create pages abiding by modern standards, mobile-friendly, high-converting landing pages. The truth is that those pages are created with WYSIWYG software (drag-and-drop) full of coding errors produced from moving elements around with no hierarchy. A fact that makes them too heavy and too slow to claim any organic traffic, high rankings, etc., not to mention the lack of good content and frequent Google updates that demote pages. You will have to stick to running costly ads plus paying the monthly fee.

Other things that might not work are: Tracking pixels not capturing leads (skewed or missed analytics data); Navigation links producing 404 errors; Necessary scripts that won't embed; A/B testing not working; Non-responsive design with elements, columns, graphics, videos, crossing the borders on mobile screens; Redirects and webhooks not working, etc. Let alone the fact that you don't own the pages after you stop paying the fees.


Build funnels that don't break; Own your landing pages; Pay only for features that make sense for your business.

Conversion funnels

conversion funnels



The image shows a simple funnel, straightforward to set up that doesn't require any human intervention. You fire it up, and it works.

It makes visitors convert on the landing page, add them to the email list, sends a welcome email with an offer.

We can add to the funnel a redirection right when they are added to the list; they can be redirected to the sales page instead of waiting to open and click the email link.

The structure is modular; we can add more conversion steps on the landing/sales pages, or email messaging. We can also extend it to more traffic channels and even put our CTAs on the individual traffic sources before even landing on the site.

People need more time to decide before making a purchase, and with retargeting, we can link our offer to them for the entire cookie duration.

Webinar funnels

We can create a custom landing page for your webinars or theme videos to boost lead capture. We can also optimize your existing video library sitting on your website or YouTube.

We can get the best results with webinars hosted on YouTube, so they get more subscribers, produce live feeds, and are suggested in relevant video channels for more subscriptions.

webinar landing pages

Hosting the videos on YouTube doesn't mean we let YouTube take control of all our traffic or limiting our options to drive traffic to our video content. We need the most traction we can get before, during, and after the webinar. We need to create or optimize existing landing pages for our video content so we can use all the available space for our conversion elements and webinar descriptions. YouTube cannot offer such perks and throttles marketing growth. Of course, if it's a membership video content, we will skip the live feed and drive traffic to the sign-up page.

When they subscribe to the list, they will receive a welcome email thanking them for joining the list and attending the webinar if they joined that day. You could offer them a couple of options for contacting your company with their questions or when they need help finding a business solution. Dropping a couple of links within the welcoming email without pressing them to take action. Subtle suggestion within the content and later on they will receive more relevant content.

Here are two examples of landing pages created for a client (names not disclosed, videos, content and mockup changed to lorem ipsum and calendar to my account). Click the images below to visit respective pages:

sign up landing page
webinar landing page

Segment the audience based on their demographics, location, interests, and maybe a couple of questions they answered upon joining has a lot of value for the business. We can create content that converts better. They will also receive the standard upcoming webinar notifications, company news and offers, but it's better to feel that your business can cater to their specific needs with customized solutions.

webinar conversion funnel

Facebook funnels

Using a Facebook landing page it makes it easier to convert FB users who won't leave their platform to visit external pages.

We can build professional landing pages seated within a tab in the business FB page.

Retarget visitors who enter the FB landing page with a pixel that then trigger remarketing ads that run on any online property that allows advertising and your FP landing page visitors will visit once or often.

facebook conversion funnel

What we can then do is personalize the ads served to visitor segments visitors based on data we pull from our retargeting campaign. For example, a reminder to finish the action they started or not to miss the specific offer on-page. We can then build another step in our funnel with personalized content on a new landing page that targets this retargeted visitor segment, thus increasing the conversion rate.

Once they convert, we can move them into a mailing list and schedule messages to show them more products and keep them engaged with the brand.


More services


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A-level (90+) Speed

Content above-the-fold, resources outside the visitor's screen delayed. Comply with the Google Core Web Vitals metric, a ranking signal from 2021.



Fix Google Search Console Errors


Fix Search Console Errors

Fast Google Indexation, Sitemaps, Spam Backlinks, Speed Metrics, Structured Data (Schema Markup), Layout errors.



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Push your business to the Top 3 Google Maps listings that show up on all devices.



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Don't wait for your site to rank. Rank your videos in the YouTube top results and advertise to 1,3 billion users.