Fix errors reported on Google Search Console that affect your SEO performance and ad quality score.


Google Search Console


Fix GSC Errors ($400)



GSC common errors

Errors in Google Search Console can stop or considerably reduce organic traffic.

Affects: visibility, featured snippets, indexation, reviews, etc.


Pages not indexed

-- Pages not indexed can amount from a few dozens to hundreds of 1000s. A great example is coming from a client who asked for help as he had more than 240,000 pages of his website missing in Google. Imagine the amount of traffic and revenue missed and how much space to grow left for his competitors. Image shows only one category amounting to 143K pages with errors.

Search Console Pages not indexed


-- Another issue is with pages that Google reads but won't index due to quality criteria not met. They can amount to hundreds or thousands.

Crawled - currently not indexed


Sitemaps missing or with crawling problems.


Layout errors

These are elements falling out of place. Google won’t send traffic to pages with errors. This example shows 1.8K pages with desktop layout errors.

CLS Layout Errors


Mobile devices with speed errors: Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals issues


LCP marks the point where the main content has loaded. Slow pages don’t have chances of getting enough traffic as Google demotes them. This example shows 2K pages under-performing. Speed problems can be fixed by ordering my speed optimization service.

Largest Contentful Paint Errors


AMP pages with issues


Schema errors: Breadcrumbs, Reviews, Product markup with errors

(may result to Google penalty) see images below. Schema markup errors can be fixed by ordering my Schema markup service.

Schema markup errors


missing review markup


Spam backlinks

(may result to Google penalty).

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