The Fastest WordPress Theme

This package offers you a WordPress theme that doesn’t break nor does it slow down (unless you load it with dozens of plugins).

Get one of the fastest WordPress themes in the market.


  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Performance

all into one theme package.

  1. When you need a custom theme based on your design idea you pay around $500-$1,000 to transfer your design into a WordPress theme.
  2. After you install and configure the theme, there is always the chance that the layout might break, a CSS or JS resource doesn’t load, fonts and icons are lost, etc. In plain English, themes need maintenance. These issues cost around $100 to $400.
  3. On top of those, modern websites need to be fast and mobile-optimized, to rank high in Google. To make a WordPress fast enough (90+) you will have to spend from $500 to $1,500, provided that you find the right website speed optimizer that can do it in one shot and you don’t spend months in multiple hires till one of them nails the targets.

This package saves you all the extra costs and troubles, plus it offers you a website theme that doesn’t break nor does it slow down (unless you load it with dozens of plugins, 40+). You will have one of the fastest themes in the market. Way faster than those commercial themes on ThemeForest (costs from $59 to $499) and elsewhere, which are being advertised as fast and mobile-optimized, but when you install them, you understand that you are now cornered and you have to look for a solution to make them faster.

Here is one bespoke theme built with Advanced Custom Fields that typically scores speeds of 90+ (unless you load it with excessive numbers of plugins or mess up its code).

Fast WordPress Theme


Fast WordPress Theme


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Homepage Elements

The homepage can adopt any responsive layout you wish and remain as fast as 90+ out-of-the-box without any caching plugin necessary.

Homepage Header

The homepage header or hero section displays a hero image or can take on a slider displaying an unlimited amount of images or images with overlay text and CTAs.

WordPress Header

Autonomous slider

Besides the hero slider, the homepage slider is a very light javascript implementation and contributes to the high WP theme speed. You load images and descriptions via Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

WordPress slider

I have seen other websites, which are built with ACF but still manage to fail all speed metrics because they are not coded well.

Lead Generation

There is a contact form section on the homepage to generate leads easily. It is designed to host any form type generated from any WP contact form plugin. This contact form is coming from the very popular Contact Form 7 plugin. The form style/wording is managed via ACF.

WordPress contact form


Lastly, there is a homepage testimonials section fully managed via ACF. You edit them directly. They don’t pull any other platform testimonials, although we can do that as a custom feature. No animation to testimonials to break the speed.

WordPress testimonials



Are You Ready to Use a Fast WP Theme?


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