Gifts for lawyers

laywer gifts

You need to thank a lawyer for helping you win an important case, or you need to give a gift to someone about to become one. Whatever your need it is not an easy choice as this profession belongs to people of a certain level. Many years of study and just as much determination distinguish them.

lawyer bagWhat could be more of a symbol than a 24-hour suitcase for a career man or someone who’s about to become a lawyer? This accessory is surely not to be missed by any lawyer.


Beautiful bag. The leather is high quality, thick and lustrous, and well-fed with oils. I previously had a bag of similar designs from another brand, which I returned because the quality of the leather was so mediocre. The difference here is night and day. I think this will age well.





Super ballpoint pen.
Great for obtaining clear and concise writing. Very good for the price, and the refills are cheap as well!





Toscano products are always high quality, and this is no exception. It is bonded marble instead of molded resin, meaning that marble dust was added to the mix, giving it more weight and a finer appearance. The added weight is a bonus for small statues such as this, which otherwise would be prone to tipping over.

Mine arrived in perfect condition and the gold paint is immaculate, giving a nice contrast to the solid white figure. It sits on a three-inch base, which fits perfectly on my window ledge, along with two other statues with the same size base and approximate same height. Blind Justice sits in the center, balancing the other two ladies from Greek mythology.





court gavelA gift that proves to be excellent both for those who are graduating in law and for those established lawyers: a court gavel. Nicely made. It’s lightweight so don’t hit the block too hard! Does the job. Not expensive.



lawyer wall clockMade of vinyl. With a theme of law and justice, this wall clock will embellish any lawyer’s office in a very peculiar way.






lawyer cufflinks Guilty / Not Guilty Judge Lawyer Attorney Cufflinks. Excellent for weddings, formal, business attire, and an overall polished shirt finish look, the best gifts for men, grooms, fathers, brothers, bosses, boyfriends, husbands. These were a huge hit! These were bought for a family member who became a judge and he loved them! Good for a great laugh!





lawyer document folderIf your goal is to make a gift to thank a lawyer, the best gift you can make is this document folder. The buffalo leather was very impressive and smelled amazing. You could feel the genuine leather and the inside was all I needed. The zipper was a bit stiff but it just needs some breaking into. This business is family owned and their products are hand-crafted. A handwritten note was in it and that felt special buying from them.






lawyer office organizerVery interesting and ideal on any surface is this object organizer. Spacious and packed with compartments, it will enhance the appearance of any desk. It was very easy to put together. The wood was beautiful and of great quality. It turned out to be a very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing gift that the recipient now uses to organize all his belongings.






cup warmerHow many coffees are lawyers likely to drink cold because of clients and other work commitments? That’s why giving this cup warmer is a good idea: Brief breaks will taste more authentic. This is much thinner/slimmer and much more attractive than the other top seller on Amazon that I bought first. It looks beautiful on my desk. Heats up just as much as my prior coffee warmer. I like that it doesn’t have dumb features I don’t need like the last one I had that had a sensor and would turn off and on every time I took my cup off to take a sip. As a result, it broke in less than six months. This one has only one button. Push once for hot; push again for less hot; push again to turn off.





document shredderThere are cases where it is essential to destroy some documents. This machine does the job properly an essential tool for lawyers. This paper shredder is perfect for our small office. You can do a few pages at a time. It cuts the paper into very small pieces. There is a window on the front so you can tell when it’s full and needs to be dumped. It is a great shredder for the price.






desk lampThe right lighting is very important in any office. Giving a lamp as a gift is a smart idea. This lamp is beautiful to look at and with that vintage touch that makes it perfect for a lawyer. The lamp works as expected. The base is well-weighted, with plenty of stability. The base is padded so that it won’t harm a delicately finished table





shirt travel caseWho knows how many shirts lawyers have, and who knows how many times they risk making a bad impression because they are crumpled? Unless you take this travel case, we are sure that it will become his favorite item. I walk to/from work, this fits nicely into my backpack and stops the shirt from getting creased. It’s not exactly lightweight but it is robust and does the job well, would recommend