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When to BUY/SELL Bitcoin

I sent daily emails reminding subscribers to my list whether the market is in green or red zone. You receive a BUY alert when Bitcoin price starts going up (consolidated growth) and when the drop signal shows up I will send you a SELL alert.

Note that BTC likes to dance a bit, so my first SELL alert is for people who like conservative investment. Usually, Bitcoin price makes another one or two spikes before dropping but if you want to be sure you will making a solid profit, the first SELL alert is the one to follow.

For those who like to hold their positions to maximize their profits I will keep on sending BTC signals. Depending on how BTC price progresses they may include a second SELL alert or the first SELL alert is followed by a BUY. It all depends on the market. The longer you withhold your positions you take more risks and maybe more profits. I'll give you some examples below.


Example: Feb 5-15, 2020

BTC price soared from $9,242 to $10,483 between February 5 to 15, 2020. You will see that even when price goes down you can make considerable profit if you buy early following my alerts. The first BUY alert went out at $9,242 (Feb 5) and just one and a half day later (Feb 6) it peaked at $9,834 (6.4% increase). Two days later (Feb 8) it came the first SELL alert. Again, in just 5 hours we had a second BUY alert at $9,767. It peaked at $10,195 (Feb 10) a 10,3% profit for investors holding their positions. In just 4 hours a SELL alert went out at $10,038. At that point investors could have cashed in 8.6% in profits. Well, the bulls were not left without steam as again a BUY signal was formed the next day (Feb 11) at $9,850. This time the highest peak of the bull period was at $10,483 (13.4% profit) on Feb 13. Right 1 hour after the peak a new SELL alert was sent out at $10,326 (11.7% profit). Again we had a BUY signal at $10,255 (Feb 14) which ended up the highs the same day at $10,376. To note here, that I recommend following my early sell alerts and not risk holding positions so late in the bull period. The 10-day bull period ended on Feb 15 at $10,262 (11% profit from the first alert).

Bitcoin price alert



Example: Jan 25-Feb 4, 2020

BTC price went up between Jan 25, 2020 to Feb 4, 2020. The first BUY alert you would get as a subscriber would be in Jan 26 when BTC was trending at $8,335. You see it did a roller coaster up to $9,405 in Jan 28. You could have sold in those two days but you don't get an alert from me. Nevertheless, that's $1,070 profit (for 1 BTC investment) minus the trade fees. What investment gives a 12.8% profit in just two days? This is not a scam or hype; you can check for yourself the charts below or go to tradingview.com and go through any BTC/USD price chart; everything is documented publicly and you manage your funds and make the investment decisions.

BTC buy/sell alerts


The first SELL alert you get at $9,238 (Jan 30) but Bitcoin on the same day took a blow (you get a second BUY alert) starting from $9,291 and reaching $9,558 (14.7% surge). Despite the price being only 153 points higher the first spike, it is the highest spike in the period under consideration. Conservative investors could have sold getting $1,070 profit (for 1 BTC investment) with absolutely no risk, whereas investors who take a bit of risk could have taken $1,223 profit (for 1 BTC investment) on that day.

The chart shows Bitcoin dancing from Jan 31 to Feb 2, so investors would be getting both types of alerts all those days, and it even jumped up to $9,514 (14.1% raise). The investor who kept positions could still have taken profit with a profit of $1,179 (for 1 BTC investment) if followed my first BUY alert but it's very risky and I don't recommend it.

There are 4 SELL points on the chart to easy accumulate. Lastly, BTC took a dip from $9,358 (12.2% profit) on Feb 3 and from that point I send 3 SELL emails with a difference of an hour for those still holding positions. I think you appreciate that the strategy works as documented above.


Example: Jan 13-22, 2020

Another fresh example from January 2020, when BTC price starting at $8,151 jumped by $1,003 in 10 days. The first BUY signal formed in Jan 13 it then soared to $8.892 (9% surge, $741 profit for 1 BTC investment in just two days (Jan 13 to Jan 15). Conservative investors could have sold at that date.

Bitcoin buy alert


The first SELL alert goes out at $8,649 (Jan 16), making a profit of $498 (6.1% for 1 BTC investment), but then formed again a BUY signal that soared at $8,964 (10% profit for 1 BTC investment) and then again at $9,154 (12.3% profit for 1 BTC investment); that's a profit of $1,003 (for 1 BTC investment) in just 6 days. For those holding a bit more their positions now it was the chance to take huge profits.

Then there was a sharp dip by 500 points (Jan 19) and I followed with a SELL alert (3 alert messages in total with a difference of an hour in Jan 22) stressing investors to abandon their positions. Investors holding positions up to this point could have made over $550 (for 1 BTC investment), I should say this tactic is very risky, I do not recommended holding positions so late and ignoring my previous alerts.


Example: Jan 3-8, 2020

BTC send a BUY signal at $7,203 and surged to $8,466 in 6 days, equivalent to profit of $948 (17.5% for 1 BTC investment). Conservative investors could have sold at $7,548 (Jan 5, when I sent a SELL alert) and investors accepting more risk could have waited as another BUY signal was formed at Jan 6) with the price surging to $8,466 (Jan 8) making a $1,263 (17.5%) profit for 1 BTC investment. The last SELL alert I sent was on Jan 8, at $8,057. Investors accepting the risk to wait, could have sold with $854 (11,8%) profit (for 1 BTC investment).

Bitcoin buy signal


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