Remember when a record got scratched it made a very unpleasant sound and caused the needle to get stuck on the same groove.


The same one line would play over and over again ad nauseam until you picked up the needle and moved it past the scratch.


Anxious thoughts are a bit like this. You might be happily going about your day and then something triggers an anxious thought and you might get a panic attack.


They worry the thought creates sends an unpleasant shock wave through your nervous system. (The scratch on the record).


Then once you start reacting to the anxious thought it is hard to stop thinking about it over and over again. (The needle stuck in a groove).


The repetitive anxious thought can last minutes, hours, or days depending on how upset you become by the thought.


I want to share with you a quick technique to jump out of this anxious groove. This technique is you learning how to pick up the record needle and move it past the scratch..